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Meeting Information

Al-Uzza Court No. 63 meets the 1st Saturday of each month at 3:00pm at
7160 HWY 195 in Somerville, Tennessee 38068.

Our Divan

  • IC Peggy Perry

    Dt. Peggy Perry

    Illustrious Commandress
  • Dt. Veronica Gibson

    Dt. Veronica Gibson

    1st Lieutenant Commandress
  • Dt. Sharon Franklin

    Dt. Sharon Franklin

    2nd Lieutenant Commandress
  • Dt. Shantel Brooks

    Dt. Shantel Brooks

    High Priestess
  • Dt. Libby Anderson

    Dt. Libby Anderson

    Oriental Guide
  • Dt. Kendria Reid

    Dt. Kendria Reid

  • Dt. Euretta Crowe, PC

    Dt. Euretta Crowe, PC

    Assistant Treasurer
  • HPIC Alfreda Pierce, PC

    HPIC Alfreda Pierce, PC

  • Dt. Joylyn Taylor

    Dt. Joylyn Taylor

    1st Ceremonial Daughter
  • Dt. Besma Hobson

    Dt. Besma Hobson

    2nd Ceremonial Daughter
  • Dt. Crystal Brown

    Dt. Crystal Brown

    Inside Spy
  • Dt. Patricia Burdette

    Dt. Patricia Burdette

    Outside Spy
  • Dt. Hattie Hobson

    Dt. Hattie Hobson

  • Dt. Cora Gibbs, PC

    Dt. Cora Gibbs, PC

    Imperial Deputy for the Oasis
  • HPIP Rufus Albritton, PP

    HPIP Rufus Albritton, PP

    Advisor to Court

Our Imperial Appointed Officers

  • Dt. Cora Gibbs, PC

    Dt. Cora Gibbs, PC

    Imperial Deputy for the Oasis
  • HPIC Alfreda Pierce, PC

    HPIC Alfreda Pierce, PC

    Imperial Directress Custodial Department
  • Dt. Linda Reddick, PC

    Dt. Linda Reddick, PC

    Imperial Deputy Directress Think Pink
  • Dt. Anita McNeil

    Dt. Anita McNeil, PC

    Imperial Directress Corporate Affairs/Grants

2022 Calendar

June 24-26th - Joint Charity Ball - Ball Information(CLICK ME)

Our Past Commandresses



Al-Uzza Court No. 63 was chartered on August 21, 1953 in Somerville, Tennessee.
Dt. Rachel Moore was the Illustrious Commandress,
Dt. Flossie M. Brackens was the First Lieutenant Commandress,
and Dt. Elnora Drane was the Second Lieutenant Commandress.

Dt. Shunsetha Alexander, PC
Dt. Flossie Brackens, PC
Dt. Bennie Buchannan, PC
Dt. Barbara L. Bufford, PC
Dt. Amanda Coleman, PC
Dt. Euretta Crowe, PC
Dt. Rebecca Dowdy, PC
Dt. Elnora Drane, PC
Dt. Cora Gibbs, PC
Dt. Eloise McNeil Graham, PC
Dt. Lee Dora Groves, PC
Dt. Benanie Harris, PC
Dt. Frankie Hicks, PC
Dt. Minerva Jarrett, PC
Dt. LaSharance Jeffries, PC
Dt. Mary Johnson, PC
Dt. Reola Virginia Kee, PC
Dt. Katie Lake, PC
Dt. Odessa Macklin, PC
Dt. Marcia Mason, PC
Dt. Anita McNeil, PC
Dt. Rachel Moore, PC
Dt. Elma Motley, PC
Dt. Wilma Perry, PC
Dt. Odessa Person, PC
HPIC Alfreda Pierce, PC
Dt. Linda Reddick, PC
Dt. Hugolene E. Robertson, PC
Dt. Dorothy M. Vasser, PC
Dt. Frankie C. Wilburn, PC
Dt. Edna E. Woods, PC

Contact Us

Al-Uzza Court No. 63
7160 HWY 195 Somerville TN 38068

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